What Is This?

Crowd Funded on IndieGoGo in 2015, Suddenly Drunk is a Collectible set of cards that you can pair with any turn-based board or card game to transform it into a drinking game created by Video/Board/Card Game Bar Owner Skaidris Gunsmith!

Watch the pitch video!

How does it work?

The Base Deck is all you need to transform any turn-based game into a drinking game but we offer many expansions and exclusive cards so you can create your own personalized drinking game experience!

Shuffle your Suddenly Drunk deck and pick your game to turn into a drinking game, we recommend simple easy to follow games like Cards Against Humanity or Jenga but you can play it with any game that’s turn-based.

At the beginning of someones turn they draw a card from the Suddenly Drunk deck, if it’s an Instant Card they read it aloud and do what it says, they may be such cards as:

if it’s an Anytime card they read it to themselves and at any point in the game they can put the card into effect, Anytime cards are usually used to defend yourself from other players or to remove effects from you such as:

They then continue with their turn of whatever game it’s being paired with and the next person does the same.

Any cards with lingering effects leave in front of you face up (except for Anytime cards which you keep a secret)
Discard cards that are no longer in effect into a discard pile, once all cards have been used shuffle them and start drawing from them again.

A few rounds in you will all be acting like idiots, screaming across the table and trying to literally remember what your name is.

When in doubt about a rule the funniest solution is always correct. Take a vote if need be.

Check out our video of Suddenly Drunk being played with Cards Against Humanity here!