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Suddenly Drunk transforms any turn-based board or card game into a lively drinking game for 3 to 8 players. Skaidris Gunsmith, the game’s inventor, is a gaming bar events manager, so he’s a true expert on the joyful confluence of drinking and playing games, and his expertise shows in this 54-card deck. Suddenly Drunk is great for simple party games like Cards Against Humanity or Jenga, but it can be played with any game—go ahead and get wild with Settlers of Catan.

Take a Turn, Take a Drink

Integrating Suddenly Drunk with the game of your choice is simple: Before every turn, each player first pulls a card from the Suddenly Drunk deck and follows its instructions. The deck consists of Instant cards and Anytime cards. Instant cards may require players to speak with a foreign accent or dance whenever they get up from the table – and take a drink as a penalty whenever they fail to do so. Anytime cards are generally handy for self-defense; the Deflection card, for instance, lets players choose a new target for any action played against them.

Sexy Expansion & Hardcore Expansion

Two expansions take the hilarity of Suddenly Drunk to new heights. The Hardcore expansion offers tougher rules and tougher penalties (shots, not sips), and the Sexy expansion adds raunchy games into the mix. Choose cards from these expansions to create a custom deck for different crowds. For more info on both of these expansions please visit porn stars.